Additional measures are now available for primary producers in the Local Government Areas (LGA’s) of Lake Grace, Ravensthorpe and Swan who were severely affected by flooding in January and February 2017.

The rainfall and flooding event resulted in considerable damage to farm business and primary producers who suffered direct damage as a result of the event are eligible to apply for a grant for the clean-up and immediate restoration costs.  Primary producers located in the Lake Grace or Ravensthorpe LGA’s are eligible for up to $10,000 and primary producers in the Swan LGA are eligible for up to $25,000.

The payment of any assistance can only occur if a detailed tax invoice, evidence of payment (including bank statement and/or detailed receipt) for cost of damages incurred is produced.

The grant is not intended to reduce incentives for primary producers to ensure they have adequate suitable insurance/industry compensation funds coverage against damage from hazards and consequent disruptions to business continuity.   Applicants are required to claim on insurance/industry compensation funds where available.



Applicants must:

(a) operate a commercial scale farming, pastoral, horticultural or fishing business and be affected by the declared natural disaster;

(b) be registered with the Australian Taxation Office as a primary producer, hold an Australian Business Number, been operational for at least one (1) year and have been in existence (in production) in the specified area prior to and including the date of the event;

(c) either own the farm land or hold a current minimum twelve (12) month written agreement to sharefarm or lease the property for a minimum of one (1) year prior to the declared event and one (1) year post the declared event for the purpose of primary production. The applicant must provide a copy of the lease/sharefarming arrangement/s to DAFWA;

(d) own and operate under a commercial fishing licence or have a three (3) year lease of a commercial fishing licence;

(e) at least one person in the business must devote a minimum of 75% of their labour to the affected primary production enterprise;

(f) confirm that the applicants business usually generates at least 51% of its total income from the affected enterprise (financials/tax returns may be requested by DAFWA if required);

(g) lodge their claim (ie application form, suppliers’ invoices, evidence of payment and a tax invoice to DAFWA) by midnight 4 December 2017.;

(h) confirm that the items claimed are not covered by insurance or industry compensation fund;

(i) confirm that the primary production business was severely affected by the declared natural disaster; and

(j) that the primary producer intends to re-establish the affected business.

Your farm or pastoral land must be located in a Local Government Area that has been declared under WANDRRA AGRN743.


The Category C grant will assist eligible primary producers to cover the costs associated with:

  • clean-up:
    • equipment and materials to undertake clean-up.
    • additional labour costs (above and beyond normal wage expenditure)
    • removal of debris or damaged goods
    • disposal or treatment of livestock
  •  restoration:
    • repairs to buildings/infrastructure (other than housing and buildings covered by insurance)
    • fencing (not covered by any other assistance)
    • reconditioning/repairing essential plant, equipment and infrastructure (includes dams, internal roads)
    • salvaging crops, grain and feed
    • health maintenance for livestock and poultry
    • purchase of fodder (not covered by other assistance)
    • purchase or hire/lease costs for equipment essential to the immediate resumption of farming
    • water cartage.

The grant will NOT cover:

  • loss of income from destroyed crops; and
  • cost of using your own labour, your existing staff or your own equipment.

The payment of any assistance can only occur if a detailed tax invoice, evidence of payment (including bank statement and/or detailed receipt) for cost of damages incurred is produced. The cut-off date for lodging applications and tax invoices, bank statements and/or receipts will be midnight 4 December 2017.

Further information including the online application process is available at or by calling 1800 198 231 between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.